Flin’s Fitness Class Timetable – This update is for Autumn 2018

Please note that this class schedule is subject to seasonal variation! 

Drop in & PAYG – BUT! Some classes are capped due to equipment limitations and during busy periods will need to be booked via the website dashboard – www.flinsfitness.co.uk

DAY CLASS TIME Class Length VENUE Usual instructor
MON Early Morning KS 6.00am 30 min Westcombe Rosie
MON PowerWave 9.10am 40 min Westcombe Fran
MON HIIT 9.45am 45 min Westcombe Fran
MON Zumba Gold 10.40am 45 min Westcombe Kelly
MON Buggy Beat 10.45am 30 min Goddington Pk Fran
MON Essential Pilates 11.25am 40 min Westcombe Michele
MON Fight Klub 6.00pm 50 min Newstead Emma
MON Body Conditioning 6.45pm 45 min Tubbenden MAIN Hall Jules
MON Body Conditioning 7.00pm 45 mins Newstead Fran
 MON Yoga Flow 7.35pm 55 min Tubbenden Jules
MON KHiit 7.50pm 40 min Newstead Rosie
TUES Express HIIT 9.30am 40 min Westcombe Tracey
TUES Yoga 10.15am 1 hour Westcombe Tracey
TUES Circuits 6.30pm 45 min Tubbenden MAIN Hall Rosie
TUES PowerWave 7.00pm 30 min Tubbenden Small Hall Carrie
TUES ZUMBA! 7.00pm 1 hour Newstead Kelly
TUES Fitness Pilates 7.30pm 50 min Tubbenden MAIN Hall  Rosie
TUES Power Yoga 7.40pm 50 min Tubbenden Small Hall Carrie
WED Early Morning KS 6.00am 30 min Westcombe Rosie
WED Lift Lean & Stretch 9.30am 50 min Westcombe Rosie
WED Pilates 6.30pm 55 min Tubbenden Jules
WED Cardio Ab Attack 6.45pm 40 min Newstead Emma / Fran
WED Fight Klub 7.30pm 50 min Fight Klub Emma / Fran
WED Step Choreography 7.30pm 45 min Tubbenden Jules
THUR Power Yoga HIIT 9.30am 55 min Westcombe Emma
THUR Buggy Beat Pilates 10.40am 40 min Westcombe Emma
THUR Fit2Dance 7.00pm 55 min Newstead Kelly
THUR HIIT 7.00pm 45 min Tubbenden Fran / Emma
THUR Pilates Flow 8.00pm 50 min Tubbenden Fran / Emma
FRI Early Morning KS 6.00am 30 min Westcombe Rosie
FRI PowerWave 9.10am 30 min Westcombe Emma
FRI Body Conditioning 9.45am 45 min Westcombe Emma
FRI Fitness Pilates 10.40am 50 min Westcombe Emma
SAT HIIT 9.45am 50 min Newstead Emma
SAT Power Yoga 10.40am 50 min Newstead Emma