Power Yoga


Power Yoga

A powerful and sweaty stretch & strength fitness class, based on Yoga principles – all abilities

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Here’s my practice for the warm up! ?


The PowerWave workout brings EVERYTHING to a 30 minute blast! Feel muscles you’ve not felt before …. and every workout is different…. all you know is that you’re training for 20 mins (with warm up and cool down making it 30 mins of your time) … You will experience any one of these types of…

Dance Fitness

Suitable for all abilities – pure enjoyment! Classes: Monday at 10.40am – Zumba Gold with Kelly at Westcombe Park- a low impact Zumba class if you’re not wanting such an intense fitness session (45 mins) Tuesday at 7pm – Zumba with Kelly at Newstead – full on…. sweating is encouraged! (55 mins) Thursday at 7pm…